NI的Application Note

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AN002 Programming with NI-488.2 Software
AN004 Interactive File Transfer Using the GPIB
AN007 Data Acquisition Fundamentals
AN012 Byte Swapping
AN013 Interfacing Your HP Controller to a Personal Computer
AN017 Configuring Your GPIB Driver to Match Your System
AN025 Field Wiring and Noise Considerations for Analog Signals
AN027 Parallel Polling with NI-488.2 Software
AN030 Short Tutorial on VXI/MXI
AN032 Dynamic System Configuration Using NI-488.2 Routines
AN034 Serial Polling and SRQ Servicing with NI-488.2 Software and Basic
AN039 Linear Systems in LabVIEW
AN040 Using Fast Fourier Transforms and Power Spectra in LabVIEW
AN042 Extending the IEEE 488 Bus
AN043 Measuring Temperature with Thermocouples
AN045 Is Your Data Inaccurate Because of Instrumentation Amplifier Settling Time?
AN046 Measuring Temperature with an RTD or Thermistor
AN047 Increasing Test System Compatibility and Productivity with IEEE 488.2
AN048 Signal Conditioning Fundamentals for Computer-Based Data Acquisition Systems
AN055 Moving from BASIC to C with LabWindows/CVI
AN058 Programmable Lowpass Filters for PC-Based Data Acquisition (DAQ) Boards
AN059 Remote GPIB Control Using the GPIB-232CT-A
AN062 IEEE 1284 - Updating the PC Parallel Port
AN063 Porting a 9914 Design to Use the TNT4882
AN064 Selecting a Fiber-Optic Cable for the GPIB-140 Series Extenders
AN067 Four Practical Applications of Joint Time-Frequency Analysis
AN068 Helpful Hints for Using the GPIB-232CT-A
AN073 Using the TNT4882 in an MC68340 System
AN076 How to Use Thermocouples with an SCXI-1102 Module
AN077 Using the TNT4882 in an 8051-Family Microcontroller-Based System
AN078 Measuring Strain with Strain Gauges
AN082 Writing 16-Bit Delphi Applications Using NI-488.2 Software
AN084 Using Quadrature Encoders with E Series DAQ Boards
AN085 Writing 32-Bit Delphi Applications Using NI-488.2 Software
AN086 Using DAQ Event Messaging under Windows NT/95/3.1
AN087 Writing Win32 Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) and Calling Them from LabVIEW
AN089 Porting a GPIB Interface Design Based on the NEC µPD7210 to the TNT4882
AN091 G Math -- A New Paradigm for Mathematics
AN092 Data Acquisition Specifications -- a Glossary
AN093 How to Integrate 32-Bit Microsoft Visual C/C++ or Borland C/C++ DLLs into LabWindows/CVI 4.0
AN094 How to Integrate 32-Bit LabWindows/CVI 4.0 Libraries into Microsoft Visual C/C++ or Borland C/C++
AN095 Writing Functional Self-Tests for the TNT4882 GPIB Interface Chip
AN096 Using HS488 to Improve GPIB System Performance
AN097 Designing Filters Using the NI LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit
AN098 Running Existing DOS and Win16 GPIB Applications in Windows NT and Windows 98/95
AN100 How to Use Asynchronous Callback Functions with GPIB Events in Windows NT/98/95
AN101 Developing Multithreaded GPIB Applications using NI-488.2
AN104 Detailed Calibration Procedures for Multifunction DAQ Boards
AN107 Counting Particles or Cells Using IMAQ Vision
AN110 Designing a GPIB Device Using the NAT9914
AN113 How to Use 5B Series Modules with the DAQ Channel Wizard
AN114 Using LabVIEW to Create Multithreaded Applications for Maximum Performance and Reliability
AN116 Developing Networked Data Acquisition Systems with NI-DAQ
AN117 Accelerate Instrument Control with Interactive Tools and LabVIEW
AN118 Networking Two PCs for Remote Data Acquisition
AN119 Using Measurement Studio GPIB to Accelerate Development with Visual Basic
AN120 Using IVI Drivers to Simulate Your Instrumentation Hardware in LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI
AN121 Using IVI Drivers to Build Hardware-Independent Test Systems with LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI
AN122 Improving Test Performance through Instrument Driver State Management
AN124 PC-Based ECG Monitoring and Analysis Using BioBench
AN125 Using Edge Detection in Machine Vision Gauging Applications
AN126 Serial Polling and SRQ Servicing with NI-488.2 Software and LabVIEW
AN127 Building an Interactive Web Page with DataSocket
AN128 Advanced Synchronization Techniques for Data Acquisition
AN129 Tips and Techniques in Data Acquisition Triggering
AN130 Developing GPIB Applications for GPIB-232CT-A in Windows NT/9x
AN131 Digital I/O Applications
AN132 Eliminate Noise in Your GPIB System
AN133 Eight Ways to Increase GPIB System Performance
AN137 LabVIEW Unit Validation Test Procedure
AN138 Frequency Measurement with SCXI-1126
AN139 Developing an OPC Client Application Using Visual Basic
AN140 Using IVI Drivers in LabVIEW
AN141 Measurement Studio Analog Input: Acquiring and Logging Data in Visual Basic
AN143 Graphical Object-Oriented Programming In LabVIEW
AN144 Measurement Studio Analog Output -- Waveform Generation in Visual Basic
AN145 Using the VXI-1394/G for Enhanced IEEE 1394 Control of ATE Systems
AN146 Measurement Studio DAQ Triggering in Visual Basic for E Series DAQ Devices
AN147 Serial, GPIB, and VXI Communication with Measurement Studio VISA
AN148 Parsing Instrument Data in Visual Basic
AN149 Performing Digital Data Transfers in Visual Basic with NI 6533 Family Devices
AN150 Visualizing Data in Visual Basic
AN151 Connecting Measurement Studio User Interface ActiveX Controls to Remote Data
AN152 Reducing the Effects of Noise in a Data Acquisition System by Averaging
AN154c LabVIEW Data Storage
AN155 Demystifying Instrument Specifications -- How to Make Sense Out of the Jargon
AN157 TestStand Style Guide: A Guide to Developing Effective, Maintainable TestStand Sequences
AN158 Configuring and Using Shared Memory from a National Instruments VXI//VME Bus Controller
AN159C LabVIEW Custom Controls, Indicators, and Type Definitions
AN160C Using LabVIEW with TCP/IP and UDP
AN161 Porting and Localizing LabVIEW VIs
AN162 Synchronizing Motion, Vision, and Data Acquisition
AN163 Interacting with Measurement Studio Graphs in Visual Basic
AN164 Using Apple Events and the PPC Toolbox to Communicate with LabVIEW Applications on the Macintosh
AN165 Using TestStand to Test Diverse Products
AN167 Taking Advantage of the Power Monitoring and Remote Power Reset Capabilities of PXI-1000B, PXI-1006, and PXI-1020 Chassis
AN168 LabVIEW Performance and Memory Management
AN169 Instrument Control from Visual Basic
AN170b Polymorphic Units in LabVIEW
AN172 Fiber-Optic Component Inspection Using Integrated Vision and Motion Components
AN174 Matrix Switch Expansion Guide
AN175 Document/View Architecture in Visual C++ Test and Measurement Applications
AN176 Developing Motion Systems in Measurement Studio for Visual Basic
AN177 High-Speed Event and Defect Detection with Real-Time Response
AN179B Using LabVIEW with Wireless Devices
AN180 Connecting a National Instruments Ethernet Device to a Non-Ethernet Network
AN181 Programming for Multibyte Character Sets in LabWindows/CVI
AN183 Developing Remote Front Panel LabVIEW Applications
AN184 Developing Wireless GPIB Test Systems Using the GPIB-ENET/100
AN185 Using the VISA Driver Development Wizard and NI-VISA to Register-Level Program a PXI/PCI Device under Windows
AN186 Creating Configurable Test Steps in TestStand
AN187 Using Measurement Studio ActiveX Controls in Visual Studio .NET
AN188 Using LabVIEW to Create FDA 21 CFR 11 Compliant Applications
AN189 Synchronizing CAN and Analog Signals for Device Validation
AN190 Building an Efficient, Low-Cost Test System for Bluetooth Devices
AN191 Measuring Position and Displacement with LVDTs
AN192 Building ActiveX Servers in LabWindows/CVI
AN193 Considerations in Implementing LabVIEW Real-Time Drivers
AN194 Multithreading in LabWindows/CVI
AN195 Using XP Remote Desktop to Control a PXI System
AN196 Interfacing NI PXI-655x Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzers to ECL Logic Families
AN197 Why Do My Analog Inputs Seem To Float?
AN198 Using an NI CVS-1450 Series with the QSI Corporation QTERM-G70
AN199 LabVIEW and Hyperthreading
AN200 Using the Timed Loop to Write Multirate Applications in LabVIEW
AN202 Managing Large Data Sets in LabVIEW
AN203 Developing Bluetooth Applications with LabVIEW
AN204 Determining the Power Consumption of a PXI System
AN205 Adding Networked Serial Ports to Your (Compact) FieldPoint or PXI System
AN206 Building Networked Applications with the LabWindows/CVI TCP Support Library
AN207 Using LabWindows/CVI DLLs in LabVIEW Real-Time Applications
AN208 Using Instrument Status Registers and Service Requests in LabVIEW
AN209 Using Touch Screens with Vision Builder AI through Modbus
AN210 Getting Started with the LabWindows/CVI Remote Debugger
AN211 Using Touch Screens with LabVIEW through Modbus Serial Devices
AN212 Importing Spreadsheet Data to a Citadel 5 Database
AN213 Advanced Data Acquisition Series – Pulse Width Modulation in NI LabVIEW Using NI-DAQmx
AN214 Self-Configuring Data Management System Based on LabVIEW and DIAdem